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Flatiron Labs is a software consultancy that takes great care to prioritize people and working software above all else. At Flatiron Labs, we love working together and we want to love working with you, too!

We believe a successful relationship is built on open communication and true partnership - not the typical client-agency paradigm. Our specialties include:


This is what we believe in.

  • You have the right to define success of your project.
  • You have the right to hire your team when your project is finished.
  • You have the right to a 12 factor app.
  • You have the right to test driven development.
  • You have the right to access your source code at any time.
  • You have the right to weekly team status meetings and daily standups.
  • You have the right to our design resources.

Go ahead, poach our developers.

We're so confident in our ability to hire and create amazing coders that should you really enjoy working with your dedicated team we encourage you to hire them full time to work on your project.

Hiring us is great way to test what it is like to work with our amazing team, and for them to do the same.

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Meet the team.from Flatiron Labs

People first, collaboration and working software close behind.

Sara Chipps- CTO

I am an evangelist of client and server side javascript, baking your own MVC, and building the internet of things.

Adam Jonas- Director of Apprenticeship Program

I enjoy tacos, dogs, and red sour patch kids.

Steven Nunez- Developer

I am Ruby, and so can you!.

Ian Miller- Developer Apprentice

Formerly worked in renewable energy project development, now I write code.

Dan Chang- Developer Apprentice

JavaScript and Ruby crunch. Yum!

Anisha Ramnani- Developer Apprentice

I want to make people love math as much as they love Angry Birds!

Rushaine McBean- Developer

I'm passionate about programming and music; I have the mac laptop with JS related stickers & Beats headphones.

Spencer Rogers- Developer

Developer, teacher, student

Mike Spangler- Developer Apprentice

I'm a Rubyist, clean-tech enthusiast, and life-long learner. I am currently hungry..

David Gabeau- Developer Apprentice

I like to learn stuff.

Uzo Agu- Developer Apprentice

I make things happen and I am happiest when learning new skills :)

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